Frank Ocean Reveals New Luxury Brand Homer

On Friday, August 6th, Frank Ocean announced the launch of his own luxury brand called Homer. In the press release regarding Homer, the brand was described as an “independent American luxury company.” Along with the announcement of the company came its first collection of items. According to GQ, who covered Homer’s announcement, the first collection includes “diamond-encrusted bracelets, cartoon-colored enamel pendants, patterned silk scarves, and gold rings sculpted into the word ‘OK.’”

For the company, a website has been created that shows the items in the first collection in a virtual catalog display. Additionally, an Instagram page was also created, @homer, that has yet to have any posts but already has accumulated 143,000 followers. The Instagram account’s bio includes the company’s website, phone number, and address. The address was given on the website and social media is for the New York Jewelers Exchange which is where Homer is expected to have a space to sell their items. On the website, there is a place to set up an appointment to visit the store, with availability starting Monday, August 9th. 

Check out Frank Ocean’s website for his new luxury brand Homer here

A press release from the company said that the name “represents carving history into stone” and the designs for the pieces were inspired by “childhood obsessions” and “heritage as a fantasy.”

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