The Weeknd Reveals ‘Dawn FM’ Album Tracklist

The Weeknd released the tracklist for his upcoming Dawn FM album. He posted a snippet of one of the new songs, the 16-track collection kicks off with the title track, followed by “Gasoline,” “How Do I Make You Love Me?,” the single “Take My Breath,” “A Tale”, “Sacrifice,” and “Out of Time.”

The album is due this Friday, Jan. 7, and Abel dropped a one-minute teaser accompanying the song list that gave us a glimpse into his character for this project. The Weeknd created a persona for his last album After Hours and he built on the persona’s story through visuals and even in the SuperBowl halftime show. This new visual opens with images of The Weeknd lying on the ground, a mysterious woman, and the quick glimpse of an aged-up Weeknd with gray hair; the latter is also repeated on the album’s cover.

“And you can kick me, kick me to the curb,” he states in the preview. “It’s OK babe, I promise that I fell to Earth.” A superimposed title card reads “a new sonic universe from the mind of the Weeknd,”

The album is also supposed to have some contributions from Jim Carrey. It is rumored that he will narrate the album but this isn’t confirmed yet, all we know is that the famous comedian will be lending a hand in the project.

We can’t wait to hear what the project sounds like, all that we do know is that Abel doesn’t miss. From House of Balloons to After Hours, The Weeknd has delivered nothing but classics and we expect Dawn FM to be the same. Be sure to listen to the new tracks as they release right here on Dash Radio!

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