The Weeknd Releases Teaser for New Music Project

On Monday, August 2nd, The Weeknd released a teaser for a new project. The long-awaited look at the new music from The Weeknd is finally here. The teaser video is called “The Dawn Is Coming” and is only 1 minute and 41 seconds long. The video is animated and shows a hurtling zoom in over a dark body of water to the brightly lit, almost fiery, sun on the horizon. The music playing over the clip is a catchy, pounding synthesizer, and towards the end of the video, The Weeknd’s vocals join in. As the video ends, he sings “take my hand.” 

The Weeknd tweeted a few times leading up to the release of the teaser. The first was posted on July 29th and said “​​say your final goodbyes…” along with an emoji of a sunset. Another tweet was posted the night before the teaser’s release, and it said “fuck it … IT STARTS TONIGHT”.

Check out The Weeknd’s Twitter to see the tweets leading up to the teaser’s release here.  

Later Monday morning, GQ released their cover story with The Weeknd. In the article, he talked of the upcoming release and said “it’s the album I’ve always wanted to make.” Read the full cover story on The Weeknd from GQ here

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