Warner Music Group Brings on Former Chief of Staff & Director of Content, Jen DeLeon for Twitch Partnership

Warner Music Group (WMG) is the first record label to sign a partnership with Twitch, and Dash’s former Chief of Staff & Director of Content, Jen DeLeon is the host.

Starting as a contractor for talent bookings back in February 2018, DeLeon was promoted to Chief of Staff to CEO, Scott “DJ Skee” Keeney and then Director of Content. While it won’t feel the same without her, Dash is thrilled to see her following her passion of being on-camera in this new role.

Jen DeLeon went to Instagram to share the end of her chapter here at Dash saying, “After 4 years at @dashradio, it’s bittersweet to share that I am moving on to the next chapter. Dash & Skee will ALWAYS be family, but it was time to get uncomfortable, grow and 1000% focus on what truly makes me happy: being on-camera and creating content. I can’t thank my mentor, boss and older brother @djskee for always believing in me, trusting me and putting me in positions to win the past 9 years…. and most importantly, always having my back.

I know we will work together one way or another like we always do. I started at Dash as a contractor for talent booking, Chief of Staff for 2 years, then Director of Content for 1.5 years – What I have learned and experienced is priceless. I met so many amazing people and worked with a team who treated each other like family. I’m going to miss seeing/talking to you guys consistently, our lunches, our funny conversations and always finding a way to magically get sh*t done lol. This feels so weird! And sad… but also exciting.”

Congratulations to our Dash Radio family Jen on the new position, we can’t wait to see what The Music n Stuff show is all about!

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