Beabadoobee Performs “Last Day on Earth” on The Tonight Show

On Friday, June 25th, Beabadoobee performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Fallon introduced the alternative rock artist and the song she would be performing, “Last Day on Earth.” The singer and her band begin the performance on a colorfully decorated stage, and then throughout the song, they moved around the set to different scenes. In one area, there was a DJ at a party, in another, girls were dancing and jumping on a bed, and in another, the actor Simon Pegg was eating an ice cream cone.

Watch Beabadoobee perform “Last Day on Earth” on The Tonight Show here

When “Last Day On Earth” was released as a single earlier this year, Beabadoobee talked about its meaning in a statement saying “‘Last Day on Earth’ is about all the things I would have done had I known we were going into a lockdown and the world was going to change the way it has. It was written shortly after the first main lockdown and lyrically it’s me reflecting on how it would feel if we all knew ahead of time what was going to happen. All the things I would have done if I knew it was the last day of our old normality.”

“Last Day On Earth” is included on Beabadoobee’s EP called Our Extended Play, which was released last week. The album was co-written by Matt Healy and George Daniel of the 1975. Beabadoobee talked about the process of writing the EP in a statement saying, “I wrote and recorded the EP on a farm with Matty and George from the 1975 in the countryside. It was really nice being able to create together, my first time writing and recording in that kind of setting. I wanted to experiment on the sounds and sonics even more and the EP to me has a feeling of togetherness to it… how we’re all in this joined as one.”

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New Music Friday: Doja Cat, Tyler, The Creator, Lady A, T’Melle, Hiatus Kaiyote & Money Rod

Doja Cat, Tyler, The Creator, Lady A, and Hiatus Kaiyote release new albums this week, giving us a variety of genres to listen to.

Tyler, The Creator releases his new album Call Me If You Get Lost today. The album includes previously released songs “Lumberjack,” “Wusyaname,” and “Brown Sugar Salmon.” The album cover is a license for Tyler, The Creator, showing him in a light blue hat. Part of the license reads “The holder of this license wrote, composed, and arranged all songs within the attached record, unless stated otherwise.”

Hiatus Kaiyote, the Australian-based band, release a new album today called Mood Valiant. The band recently released the song “Chivalry Is Not Dead” which will be included on the album. Nai Palm the singer of the band was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, which slowed down the process of making Mood Valiant. She announced the album saying “When you think your life is going to be taken away from you, it makes you think about who you are. I guess after the breast cancer scare I decided that I needed to prove to life that the offering I have is genuine. My only wish is to live and offer my experience of time and beauty.”

Doja Cat releases a new album today called Planet Her. The fourteen-track album features many special appearances by other artists including Ariana Grande, the Weeknd, Young Thug, JID, and SZA. “Kiss Me More” featuring SZA, and “Need To Know” which have been previously released will be included on the new album. 

Philly R&B artist T’Melle gets the heart racing, with her workout-centric single “Work 4 It”.  Look for an accompanying visual next week. Miami rapper Money Rod drops “Money”, an anthem for the summer.  He flips The O’Jay’s classing song “For The Love of Money” with a modern-day twist. LA rapper KDL releases his latest single and video “No Love.”  This song is about overcoming defeat, finding yourself, and weeding out all of the fake love.  “No Love” is going to be the catalyst of monthly releases for KDL as he looks to turn up this summer since we’re back outside. 

Today Lady A releases a new album What a Song Can Do (Chapter One). The album includes previously released tracks, “Like A Lady,” and “Things He Handed Down.” The band described the album when they announced it earlier this month on their Instagram saying, “With every track on this collection, we strived to share a little bit more of who we are and what we’ve taken from this last year.” Seven songs are included on the album which was produced by Dann Huff.


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Meet Biggie Babylon, Rising Rap Star from San Diego

Introducing Biggie Babylon, the San Diego native has taken the rap game by storm and is poised to have a huge year coming up. We got to chop it up with the rapper and get some insight into his journey and what he represents.

Your newest single, “All In” was #2 on iTunes album charts, #18 on Billboard album charts, and #2 on Digital Radio Tracker Global charts. How has it felt to amass this much success from all your hard work?

B: Honestly, it still hasn’t sunk in yet. Yes, it feels great to achieve new heights in my music career and it was an amazing feeling to hang up the Billboard and Itunes plaques but I feel like if I keep outworking the competition then more and more success should come. It’s a great thing to enjoy success but you have to be careful not to let it sidetrack you from the bigger picture.

You were raised to be entrepreneurial and business-focused, how has that impacted the way you approach making your music?

B: I learned basic business skills from a very young age at my fathers liquor store. He put it simply: invest in a good product, make it available for sale, advertise it, provide excellent customer service, and watch the customers come back over and over. I use that same approach when I make music. Music business is just another type of business.

Are there any skills you’ve learned from your multiple businesses that have translated toward your music?

B: The main skill I learned from my businesses that translated towards my music is that you have to advertise and market your product well if you truly want to attract and retain new customers. No matter the business you are in, there will always be competition so you have to find ways to stand out.

How do you stay motivated to put out new music and push your brand even through hard times (i.e. COVID-19)?

B: Hard times come and go. Good times come and go. The way you adapt makes. all the difference. Sometimes things go bad because of mistakes you made and sometimes things go bad due to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Mistakes sometimes are blessings because it gives you a chance to learn from them. The unforeseen stuff you have to be resilient and grind it out and that will make you stronger.

You’ve been in the studio throughout your whole career. Whether it was in the earlier days when you were behind the scenes managing or more recently in the recording booth, what’s your craziest studio story?

B: It was my birthday five years ago and I stopped by the studio to smoke a few blunts with my producer at the time, Josh Franks. When I got there I was shocked to see one of my favorite artists ever growing up, Layzie Bone from Bone Thugs N Harmony. He was in town. recording and was super cool and humble. He invited me to sit in on the session with him but a bunch of my friends had a birthday party planned for me that night so I couldn’t stay. I invited him to my party up the street and promised him some good food. He said he would try to make it and sure enough around 1am, just when I gave up hope for him coming, Layzie Bone and the boys showed up and said they were hungry! I was already a little faded but we hung out for hours drinking champagne, smoking some incredible Babylon’s Garden weed, and I fed them some home cooked Chaldean food that my mom made, which everyone loved. It was a night I will never forget with a legend and someone I grew up idolizing. Thank you Layzie Bone!

What would your dream studio session look like (producer, features, etc)?

B: My dream studio session would be inside of my brand new home studio with D.A. Got That Dope blessing me with his amazing production, Jay Z and Eminem dropping their verses on my record, and having some of my closest people in the room to enjoy the moment.

You’re very vocal about where you’re from, what does it mean to represent the Chaldean community? What are your thoughts on how DJ Khaled represents the Middle Eastern community in Hip-Hop?

B: I represent the Chaldean community always because that is who I am. We are direct descendents of the ancient Babylonian people from the area that is modern day Iraq. We were the first civilization on Earth and invented many of the things that people today still utilize. People think that we are gone but our communities are strong all around the United States especially in Detroit, Chicago, and my hometown of San Diego. I love how DJ Khaled represents the Middle Eastern community and I love how he is not only accepted but celebrated by the Middle Eastern world. That part of the world is so big and contains so many new hip hop fans and I hope that they will embrace me one day like they do with DJ Khaled, French Montana, and all the other dope Middle Eastern artists.

Why did you originally go by ‘Entre-P’ and what influenced you to change to ‘Biggie Babylon’?

B: Entre-P was my stage name before I ever hit any stage as an artist. I was the entrepreneur behind the scenes and the nickname Entre-P was given to me by the artist I was managing. When I did start writing and recording music I did it under Entre-P and released my first album, C.E.O.G. under that name. A few years later, I started taking meetings with some record labels who were thinking about the long term for me and my music. One executive said to me one day, “we love the name Entre-P because it is what you were when you started doing music but as you grow into an international star and hit markets where they don’t speak English, the name Entre-P might be confusing to them.” He encouraged me to think of a new name and soon thereafter I proposed the name Biggie Babylon. Everyone fell in love with the name and the rest is history.

Congratulations on the birth of your second child! How did becoming a father impact your music?

B: Thank you so much, my family and I are so happy to welcome my second daughter, Goldie, into the world. After the birth of my first daughter, Gianna, in 2019 it really changed my approach to music. It has become more serious now. Everything I do has to have a purpose. What I want to do more than anything these days is spend time with my family. My goals are to get paid to hit stages around the world and be able to take my family with me to enjoy the ride.

What’s next for Biggie Babylon?

B: I just finished my latest project, “Coronado California,” which is set to release in the summer of 2021. It features nine tracks with production from multi platinum producers Thom Genius, Mev The Renegade, and Dabato. I don’t have any major features on the project right now but I have heard from some major artists lately about remixing my first single, “All In.” Upon the release of “Coronado California” I plan to ride the wave that I have created in the West Coast and the Pacific Ocean all the way to the East Coast where it’s gonna collide with the Atlantic Ocean inevitably creating a tsunami that I can surf across the continents of Europe, Africa, and Asia and into the Indian and Arctic Ocean’s before crossing a few more continents and coming back to the Pacific again.

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Will Smith Announces Memoir Will

On Saturday, June 19th, Will Smith announced he would be releasing his memoir called Will. The actor and musician’s memoir will be released on November 9th of this year. It will be published by Penguin Press and co-authored by Mark Manson, who wrote The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. 

A website for the book currently has Will available for pre-order and gave the description of the book saying “One of the most dynamic and globally recognized entertainment forces of our time opens up fully about his life, in a brave and inspiring book that traces his learning curve to a place where outer success, inner happiness, and human connection are aligned. Along the way, Will tells the story in full of one of the most amazing rides through the worlds of music and film that anyone has ever had.”

Learn more about Will Smith’s memoir Will on its website here

Smith announced the memoir’s release on his Instagram through a video that showed him holding the book. In the video, he said the book has been two years in the making and he called Will “a labor of love.” The caption of the video said “My FIRST BOOK EVER!! WTH?!?! Pre-order in my bio or Thank U @markmanson for rockin’ with me!! #WillTheBook.”

Check out Will Smith’s Instagram video about his memoir here


Weekend Recap: New J.Cole collab, Kendrick headlines Day N Vegas, Dr. Dre addresses near-death experience & more

J.Cole, Lil Tjay, and Bas shoot music video for unreleased collaboration

On Sunday (June 13), Dreamville rappers J.Cole and Bas, linked up with Lil Tjay in his hometown, the Bronx, to film a music video for an unreleased track. Bas later referenced the collaboration on his Instagram story, calling it the ‘song of the summer’. 

Day N Vegas 2021 Lineup announced: Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, and Tyler, the Creator set to headline

On Monday (June 14), Day N Vegas released the star-studded lineup for their upcoming music festival located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Spanning over three days, the event is set to feature tons of big artists, starting with Kendrick Lamar.

Dr. Dre publicly addresses potentially fatal brain aneurysm, six months later

After Dr. Dre was reportedly rushed to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center by ambulance due to a brain aneurysm in January earlier this year, the producer was yet to publicly address the situation. Until recently, when he mentioned it in an LA Times article. 

Dre states, “But I’m taking care of myself. And I think every Black man should just check that out and make sure things are OK with the blood pressure. And I’m going to move on and, hopefully, live a long and healthy life. I’m feeling fantastic.”

Lil Baby and Lil Durk land 16 spots on ‘Hot 100’ from ‘Voices of the Heros’ album

Not only has the album been trending on the Billboard 200 chart since its release on June 4, but the Atlanta and Chicago rappers’ collaboration album has also charted 16 out of 18 of its songs on the ‘Hot 100’ over the weekend.

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Billie Eilish, H.E.R., and Kid Cudi to Perform in Prime Day Show

On Monday, June 14th Amazon released the trailer for their Prime Day Show, which will be released on Thursday, June 17th. Billie Eilish, H.E.R., and Kid Cudi are the main focus of the show, as they each perform songs, tell stories, and engage the audience throughout the event. Amazon describes the Prime Day Show as a “three-part special event” with each of the artists taking one part to give “an immersive musical experience.”

Amazon gave a description of Prime Day Show, talking about the artists featured saying, “The Prime Day Show is a three-part special event featuring award-winning artists Billie Eilish, Kid Cudi and H.E.R. in an immersive musical experience. These groundbreaking performers fuse music with powerful visuals and storytelling transporting fans into unique worlds.”

Each of the artists will take a different setting for their part of the show. From the trailer, we can see that Billie Eilish will be set in Paris and her performance has a classic movie feel. H.E.R.’s performance is set in Los Angeles at the Dunbar Hotel. Kid Cudi’s part of the show will have a space theme featuring Nasa, the International Space University, and more. 

The three-part Prime Day Show will be available starting June 17th on Amazon Prime and will be streamable for 30 days. An Amazon Prime membership is not required in order to watch the show. 

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New Music Friday: Justin Bieber, Migos, Maroon 5, Sleater-Kinney and Polo G

New full album releases from Maroon 5, Migos, Sleater-Kinney, Polo G, and Garbage arrive this week, along with a remix version of Justin Bieber’s song “Peaches” with many special guests. 

On Monday, Justin Bieber released a remix of his song “Peaches” that features Ludacris, Usher, and Snoop Dogg. This version of Bieber’s hit song, off of his album Justice released earlier this year, takes a much more mellow approach. The guest rappers on the song take front stage as Bieber takes a smaller part in the remix version of  “Peaches.”

Speaking of Bieber, he’s featured on Culture III as Migos returned with their long-awaited new album. The long-awaited follow-up to Culture II which was released in 2018 and the third installment of Culture features new 19 tracks. The album has guest features from Drake, Cardi B, Polo G, Pop Smoke, Justin Bieber & more. They also released a new video today for their single “Avalance” off the project.

Maroon 5 released their new album, Jordi today, which is a tribute to their late manager, Jordan Feldstein. The Jordi tracklist includes the band’s hit “Beautiful Mistakes” with Megan Thee Stallion, along with “Nobody’s Love” and “Memories.” Stevie Nicks, H.E.R., Juice WRLD, and more artists will also appear on songs throughout the album.

Today, Sleater-Kinney release their self-produced album, Path of Wellness. The punk-rock band’s new album features previously released tracks “Worry With You,” and “High In The Grass.” Path of Wellness is a follow-up to their 2019 album The Center Won’t Hold. When announcing the new album, the band described it saying “We wrote it last spring and summer, holed up in Portland, and recorded it at the end of 2020.”

Polo G is releasing his new album, Hall of Fame today. It features a long list of incredible guest artists including Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Roddy Ricch, Pop Smoke, Young Thug, Lil Durk, The Kid Laroi, and more. When announcing the album, Polo G described the album saying “My goals for Hall of Fame was just to make sure that I can show my diversity as an artist, really like elevate my sound, for the people to hear something that I ain’t ever did before.”

Atlanta native Lil Gotit released Top Chef Gotit the follow up to his 2020 Hood Baby 2 album. The new project features Young Thug, Lil Keed, Gunna, Nav & plenty of others. With 15 new records on the album Top Chef Gotit doesn’t disappoint as Lil Gotit delivers street anthems, hard production and legendary features. 

Garbage release their seventh studio album today called No Gods No Masters. The lead singer of Garbage, Shirley Manson, talked to NME about the new album and said “I like the numerology of the number seven, and that it represents rebirth. It feels poetic and beautiful.” The alternative rock band previously released the songs “The Men Who Rule The World,” “Wolves,” and the album’s title track “No Gods No Masters” which will be included on the record. 

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Tyler, The Creator Teases New Album Rollout With Billboard and Hotline

After a mysterious billboard containing a phone number and the phrase “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” popped up on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, fans of Tyler, The Creator have speculated that he is teasing a new album release. The lower-left corner of the billboard features a Columbia Records logo, which has released his last two albums, ‘Flower Boy’ and ‘IGOR’.

Since the billboard was spotted on Wednesday, June 10th, a website containing the number has also been set up. If you call the number, you are redirected to a voice recording of a conversation between him and his mother. 

His mother starts,“His Daddy fine. Shit, his daddy’s fine. What you mean? He got his looks from me. This my n-gga though. My ride or die. I’d kill a muthafucka over this one right here, n-gga. I’d stand in front of a bullet on god over this one. My son used to record me beating bitch’s ass. Facts. I didn’t give a fuck. I boxed up on teachers, principals, mamas, kids. I didn’t give a fuck. Am I lying?”

Tyler responds, “You have no reason to.”

She then states, “No. You fuck with my kid, I’ll beat up a kid over my kid. OK? This little boy used to run. He was scared. I’d say, ‘Go get your bitch ass mama.’ I would beat your whole family and didn’t give a fuck. They’d be like, ‘Tyler’s mama crazy. Tyler’s mama crazy.’ Yep. Fuck with my kid. Tyler would be like, ‘Get ’em mom.’ They’d be like, ‘No, don’t do it.’”

The recorded conversation has sparked more conversations about an upcoming album with fans drawing connections to his pink bellhop outfit at the 2020 Grammys. People have pointed out that the trunk/luggage that Tyler carried had “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” on the tag. 

In addition, users on the Tyler, The Creator Reddit page have discovered a reference to an album in the code of the website. 

Yep its definitely an album, just confirmed. from tylerthecreator

Since ‘Bastard’ in 2007, the creator of GOLF le FLEUR has consistently dropped an album every two years. ‘IGOR’ was released in 2019. 

Tyler is constantly leaving behind clues: the billboard, luggage tag, website coding, and release pattern. All signs point us toward a new album in 2021. 

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Weekend Recap: Mariah Carey and Jay-Z’s feud, Snoop Dogg joins Def Jam, The Weeknd makes history & more

Mariah Carey denies fallout with Jay-Z

After The Sun, a British tabloid, reported Carey and Jay-Z had an “explosive meeting” that resulted in her quitting his Roc Nation label, Carey shot down the rumors with a single tweet.

Mark Ronson announces engagement with Meryl Streep’s daughter Grace Gummer 

On The FADER Uncovered, the British-American musician confirmed his engagement with Grace Gummer. Gummer was pictured wearing a diamond ring on her left ring finger in May, but it was all speculation in the media until Ronson revealed the news on his podcast.

Lorde teases new music after 4 years

After four years of releasing no music, New Zealand artist, Lorde teases fans with a new single ‘Solar Power” coming soon. She updated her website with the artwork of her new project and the message “ARRIVING IN 2021 … PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE”   

Snoop Dogg joins Def Jam Records as strategic consultant 

The Long Beach native rapper and entrepreneur has joined Def Jam Recordings as an executive creative and strategic consultant. He’s joining the team to focus on A&R and creative development and to “strategically work across the label’s executive team and artist roster”. In his announcement video, Snoop credits Def Jam as “the holy grail of hip-hop” when he was a young rapper. 

The Weeknd makes history at Juno Awards

At this year’s Juno Awards, The Weekend became the first artist to sweep the awards for artist of the year, an album of the year, contemporary R&B recording of the year, a single of the year, and songwriter of the year. Twice. The award ceremony, which honors the year’s best music by Canadian artists, was held virtually this year over two nights. 

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Everything That’s Happened on Kanye West’s 44th Birthday

Kanye Drops First Piece of Yeezy Gap Line

To celebrate his 44th birthday in style, Kanye debuted the first drop of his highly-anticipated collab with Gap. Since the rapper’s partnership announcement last June, the brand has released little information regarding the line.

Almost exactly a year later, the Chicago-bred rapper surprised his fans with the first piece of YZY X GAP- a bright blue puffer jacket. Last week, Ye was spotted wearing the exact puffer in LA, teasing fans with today’s surprise release. 

The ‘ROUND JACKET’ is made of recycled nylon and is available for pre-order on the Gap website.

The unisex jacket retails for $200 and is available in sizes XXS-3XL . Although many shoppers have been shown a sold-out message, others have been redirected to a waiting room where they can pre-order the jacket for an estimated arrival in the fall. 

It is still unknown whether or not more pieces will drop throughout the day, but the website prompting customers for their top, bottom, shoe, and hat sizes suggests another release is coming soon. 

Gap’s official Instagram posted a captionless, silent video of a floating blue puffer jacket against an all-white background. Further promo features floating projections of the jacket displayed in several locations around New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. 

Kanye’s Manager Teases West Day Ever album

West’s manager Abou “Bu” Thiam commented on the same Gap Instagram post: “WestDayEver.  Album OTW!” teasing the rapper’s upcoming project. The new album reportedly titled West Day Ever will be his 10th studio album and according to Thiam, is currently on the way.

Kim Kardashian and Family Wish Kanye a Happy Birthday

Despite Kim and Kanye being in the midst of a divorce, Kim and other members of her family paid tribute to the Yeezy designer on his special day. 

Kim shared a throwback picture on Instagram of them and their four kids. The caption stated:

“Happy Birthday Love U for Life! 🎈” 

Khloé posted a picture on Instagram with the caption:

“Happy birthday to my brother for life!!! Have the best birthday Ye! Sending you love and endless blessings!!”

Kris Jenner also celebrated Kanye with a tribute on her Instagram Story. A photo of the two holding hands featured the message:

“Happy Birthday #kanyewest!!”

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